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Iconic and proud of it. The Scottish Terrier is equally at home on the farm and in the home, making it one of the more versatile small dogs in Australia. A hardy, low-maintenance breed, they’re a dog for conscientious owners, but will fit into many lifestyles from high-rise living to rural life.

At Pups4Sale, we know you want your new friend to come from someone who you can trust. That’s why all of our listings are closely scrutinised before you can even see them, ensuring that you’re only looking at legitimate offers. Browse our Scottish Terrier puppies for sale in confidence, knowing that you won’t be exposed to any scams, just potential friends.

Determined, independent and intelligent

A terrier through and through, Scottish Terriers – or ‘Scotties’ – are renowned for their dignified, fussy demeanour. But dig beneath that overly serious outside and you’ll find a heart of gold. While stubborn, this breed also has the capability to be very loving, attaching themselves to a handful of favourite people. Their reticence to bark unless necessary, wariness around new people and endless determination have led to the breed being considered and outstanding guard dog. Its powerful bark has startled many would-be burglars away from the door, and not to mention a few postmen.

It’s hard, wiry outer coat requires regular brushing and some grooming to avoid tangling and matting, but otherwise the Scottie is a low-maintenance breed. The breed has the potential for a very long life, living up to 13 years on average. This said, it is prone to several genetic health concerns, and has a greater chance of developing certain cancers such as bladder cancer and malignant melanomas than other breeds. Overall, the Scottie’s reputation for hardiness and pragmatism shines through, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a low-fuss dog.

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