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24 Feb-21:52
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Harrington Park New South Wales
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As a passionate and dedicated Toy Poodle breeder, Alinta Ablaze is known for her commitment to breeding healthy and happy Toy Poodles, Alinta Ablaze has gained a stellar reputation as the go-to breeder in the region. Her kennel, "Alinta Ablaze Toy Poodles," is renowned for producing top-notch, genetically clear Toy Poodles that capture the hearts of dog enthusiasts far and wide.
This week, Alinta Ablaze excitedly announced a special offering from her latest 3 litters – five adorable red tiny Toy Poodles. These charming pups, a mix of males and females, were born with a sparkling energy and playful spirit that promised to bring joy to any loving home. Michelle at Alinta Ablaze took pride in her breeding practices, ensuring that each puppy was not only a delightful companion but also genetically sound, with a DNA clear status.
With a commitment to responsible breeding and a genuine love for her furry charges, Alinta Ablaze is setting a standard for excellence in the world of Toy Poodle breeding.

If you are interested in one of my puppies please contact me, check out my website &/ OR look at the Alinta Ablaze page on

Photo Pink - RUBI. DOB 11/01/24 - $4000 RED Female
Photo Green - Ruben. DOB 11/01/24- $4000 RED Male SOLD
Photo Blue - Marcus. DOB 07/01/24 - $4000 RED Male
Photo Yellow - Rubert. DOB 07/01/24 - $4000 RED Male
Photo Red - Panda. DOB 25/12/23 $3500 Caramel Male (ready to go NOW)

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