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Poodle: The Ultimate Breed Guide 2020



Curly and fuzzy! This ancient, highly-desired and unique breed is exceptionally bright, friendly and easy to train. Though they have an excellent temperament, the Poodle is high-maintenance. However, their warm and passionate personalities are worth making the extra effort in the grooming department.

The Standard Poodle is quite ingenious and is the most active among the three types, i.e. Toy breed, Miniature breed and Standard breeds.

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Three Varieties of Poodles 


Poodles are categorized into Standard, Miniature and Toy types. All these Poodles have a typical physique with a long refined neck and an unbending back. They also have long elegant legs, not forgetting the cute elongated muzzle and dropped ears.


The Standard type: 

Height: >38 cms

Weight: 20-32 kgs




The Miniature type:

Height: 25-28 cms 

Weight: 5-9 kgs




The Toy type:

Height: < 25 cms

Weight: 2-3 kgs




Characteristics of the Poodle Breed


Stylish, graceful and noble are just a few descriptions of this impressive breed. Poodles often outshine other dogs in dog shows but behind their elegant hairdos and striking attitude lays a sweet family dog packed with a deep history and numerous talents.






  • Poodles adapt suitably to any kind of home, as long as you offer them a lot of love and the opportunity to exercise.

  • If it is your first time being a dog parent, don't fret about the Poodle's trainability. Poodles are not only easy to train but also extremely helpful. Any task you give them; they are more than willing to hop into it!

  • This breed is sensitive and will undoubtedly pick up on your attitude. If you are moody, the Poodle will know. They can also become depressed if you give them the cold shoulder. However, this is no excuse to spoil your dog as it can easily take advantage of you- let it know you're the boss! The Poodle's sensitivity makes it a suitable guard dog- they will signal a warning with a stranger in the neighborhood. 

  • The Poodle quickly gets bored when left alone in the house, and they can be quite destructive when not mentally or physically stimulated.

  • Poodles should not be kept out in the cold for too long. The best time for them to be out mainly during winter is when playing, whereby they should be wearing a sweater, nose butter and paw wax. Temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius can be fatal to your Poodle.



  • Poodles can withstand hot temperatures well, however just like humans, they can only handle so much heat, or they may suffer from heatstroke. Warning! When driving with your Poodle, don't neglect it inside your car, especially on a hot day.

Overall, Poodles have 5 stars for adaptability, 4 stars for sensitivity, 1 star for tolerating solitude, 3 stars for tolerating cold weather and 4 stars for tolerating hot weather



Overall Friendliness


  • Poodles can get extremely attached to their families, but not in a clingy way unless you spoil them. Separation from owners can cause separation anxiety; therefore, you must train your Poodle on how to deal with this issue.

  • The Standard Poodle excels the most concerning child relation. However, this does not mean you cannot have a Miniature or Toy Poodle with kids in your home, but due to their minute size, it is necessary to teach the little one's effective handling and to play, so they don't injure the dog. 


  • The Poodle does well with other dog breeds, especially if they grow up together.
  • While they relish family company, some Poodle may be withdrawn around strangers and socialization should be exercised. 

Poodles therefore have 5 stars for being family friendly, 5 stars for being child-friendly, 4 stars for being dog friendly, and 4 stars for being stranger friendly. 


Health and Grooming Demands


  • It is a breath of fresh air to know that Poodles do not shed. At least your clothes and furniture will be spared of dog hair!

  • If you are disgusted by dog saliva on your clothes, then this is a fantastic breed for you because the Poodle does not drool.


  • Poodles are high-level maintenance dogs. They require grooming every 3-6 weeks or more frequently consisting of slight trimming done by an expert pet groomer. If you have the time, you can also learn to groom your Poodle yourself.

  • Generally, Poodles are fit and healthy breeds. However, they may be prone to some health issues such as epilepsy, Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, among other conditions.

  • Overweight issues are highly familiar with Poodles. Though it is tempting to give your furry friend dog treats when it looks at you with those cute googly eyes, instead give it a warm hug or a cool brush down its fur or take it out for a walk. Your Poodle will love it and so will you!

  • Veterinarians recommended the following nutritious dog foods that are not only filling but also healthy and wholesome to prevent having a fat pooch: Royal Canin breed poodle adult dry food, Wells Earthborn holistic natural dog food, Orijen 6 Fish grain-free formula, Eukanuba adult dry dog food and Hill's Science Active longevity chicken meal

Poodle therefore have an overall 2 out of 5 stars for health and grooming needs. 1 star for amount of shedding; 1 star for drooling potential; 1 star for grooming needs; 2 stars for general health and 4 stars for weight gain potential




  • It is effortless to train  a Poodle as they are people pleasers. While you must be patient and understanding during housebreaking and command training, you will find it easier than you anticipated.

  • Poodles are very intelligent breeds they come second out of 138 breeds in obedience and working intelligence. Moreover, Poodles thrive in intuitive intelligence with convincing evidence of high adaptive intelligence.

  • The Poodle has an above-average ability to chew, nip, play-bite or herd. However, its bite is often playful and non-aggressive.



  • This exotic breed is too proud to chase a mere squirrel or cat down the street! 

  • Poodles are quite vocal and may not be the best if you prefer a silent breed. On the bright side, they are excellent watchdogs and tend to bark or howl to convey different messages such as protection, separation anxiety, alarm, boredom, fear, greetings, or seeking attention.

  • Poodles have an average potential to escape to explore the wonderful world. It is safer to train them how to come back to you on command. 




Therefore, when it comes to trainability, Poodles get a high score of 4 out of 5 stars. They get 5 stars for training ease; 5 stars for intelligence; 4 stars for mouthiness potential; 2 stars for prey lust; another 2 stars for tendency to bark or howl and 3 stars for wanderlust potential. 



Physical Demands


  • This breed has a high average energy level. If you are an active person, then this is your best choice!

  • Poodles need an active life, so you should schedule daily walks or jogs. If not, you will have one bored and restless canine that will cause you sleepless nights.


  • Moreover, the Poodle loves to play! Brace yourself for excitement barks and nipping as a sign of playtime!

Poodles get 4 out of 5 stars for their physical abilities. When it comes to their amount of energy they get 4 stars; another 4 stars for exercise needs and 5 stars for their playfulness potential



Vital Stats About the Poodle




Dog Breed Group/Purpose

Affectionate Dogs 

Grooming Needs


Coat Length 


Energy Level 


Litter size

Average 2-12 puppies


22 inches or 56 centimetres measured from the shoulder


45-70 pounds or 20-32 kilograms 


12-15 years 




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