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The Maltese breed are known for their gentle, friendly character and their glamorous and often seemingly haughty style. Their often long, pure, silky white coat and graceful tail gives off a noble air and complements the elegance of the breed.

Short haired Maltese puppies are no different in breed but have a much less showy appeal, which is more befitting of their playful and sprightly nature. The Maltese is a companion dog and welcomes everybody as a new friend. As a result, they need a significant amount of human interaction and can experience separation anxiety if left to their own devices for too long.

One of the smallest of the toy breeds, their physical size doesn't impact their vivacity. These puppies have plenty energy and can take even the most vigorous dog walkers by surprise with their enthusiasm and excitement. Due to their petite size and slight frame, Maltese dogs usually aren't recommended for families with toddlers or young children.

Sweet and intelligent, the Maltese breed make terrific therapy dogs and are suited to larger properties and apartment living. This puppy will respond well to his surroundings but can be difficult to discipline. It is important that your Maltese dog is trained to know their place in your home. Maltese puppies will need basic obedience training but will always respond well to a rudimentary reward system. For a dog named a malt-ese, this breed of dog doesn’t shed very much as they have no undercoat, giving them a high rank on the hypoallergenic scale.

While their appearance screams cute and cuddly, the Maltese breed make effective and fearless watchdogs and can become very threatening to any human or animal that may affect the familial bond with their people.

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