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Kelpie Puppies for Sale

The Australian Kelpie, or just Kelpie, is an Australian breed of working dog, descended from collies. Kelpies are an iconic symbol of the Australian working class and farm life, and have made their way into the hearts of many Australians. They are a medium to large sized breed, with a shorter coat that can be brown, tan, black or reddish in colour. With pointed ears, a long muzzle and a curious personality, the Kelpie is a joyful dog to have in your life.

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Boundless energy and unwavering loyalty in this working dog

Kelpies are a wonderful breed of dog with so many positive traits, and each one has their own unique personality. In general, the breed is renowned for its work ethic and sharp intelligence, and ability to work autonomously when herding stock. They are highly agile, and have therefore been a prominent breed in agility contests and shows. As a working dog, they have high levels of energy and require frequent exercise, as well as plenty of space and attention. Kelpies are great with kids, having an energetic but patient and friendly temperament. They would fit in well with a family with a big backyard or property, and the time to give this loveable breed of dog the attention and care it needs. 

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