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Golden Retriever: The Ultimate Breed Guide 2020





Are you thinking of buying a Golden Retriever & want to know all about the breed? Maybe you already own one and want to know about the common health problems or how to feed them. Well.... look no further as this is the Ultimate Breed Guide for Golden Retrievers that will cover everything to know about this amazing dog breed.


What Are The Characteristics Of The Golden Retriever?


The Golden Retriever breed has always been popular among families and other dog owners, they are known to be smart, loyal, and are used in many different areas of work, such as service dogs, hunting dogs, etc. The Golden Retriever has always been a popular breed but their popularity grew after the well-known movie Marley&Me came out and gave us an inside view to what it was like owning a Golden Retriever.




Golden retrievers are used to having lots of space to run and play, Golden Retrievers used for hunting and as service dogs, this makes them unsuitable apartment living unless you're prepared to go for walks often and to play many rounds of fetch in the park. This has earned Retriever breed a low score of 2/5 stars for apartment living suitability.

The Golden Retrievers are not high maintenance when it comes to caring, but they do take time to mature. Thankfully, because of their intelligence, they are easy to train but you should know that they are very social animals with a high sensitivity level and a low tolerance for being alone. This is why you will often find that many other Retriever owners have more than one dog to keep their Golden Retriever company. They score 5/5 stars when it comes to sensitivity levels and low 1/5 stars for tolerating being alone.

Over the years the Retrievers coats have adapted to suit most weather conditions. Their top coats act as a buffer and are slightly water-resistant, their undercoat provides insulation that keeps them warm in winter and helps them keep cool in summer. It's because of this adaptation of their coats that the golden retrievers score 3/5 stars in with a tolerance for both warm and cold conditions.




Golden retrievers are known for their obedience, playfulness, intelligence, and being well mannered. They are a very active breed of dog who loves to be involved with whatever the family is doing and they hate to miss out on anything.  Golden Retrievers are a very friendly breed and as such, they don't make very good guard dogs. You will find that if they do bark at strangers it would be to say hello and not as a warning.

Whether you are a first-time owner or you've always had a Retriever in your life one thing never changes. They take longer to mature than most dog breeds. Many owners compare the first two years of having a Golden Retriever to having a very energetic large toddler in the house creating havoc.


Health And Grooming Needs


The golden retrievers have a lot of energy to burn and they are happy to take part in any and all outdoor activities whether it is going for walks joining on hikes, playing fetch, or going for a swim! A bored golden retriever is a naughty golden retriever without enough exercise or toys to play with and chew, Retrievers form bad habits- like chewing up your couch.

Golden Retrievers are known for their long soft coats and to look and feel as silky as it does it will take some effort on your side to maintain it. Although you may be able to get away with a weekly brush, to keep the shedding down to a minimum, a daily brush is considered optimal. Thankfully because the Retriever is a very active breed, their nails tend to stay short,  it was a strong good idea to trim nails once a month. A monthly bath helps to keep the ticks and fleas and other parasites under control, a good bath will help to soften their nails, making them a lot easier to trim. 

Golden retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs and as such have got a high metabolism, it's important to feed them the right balance of nutrients to make sure that they don't burn too much energy and end up being underweight, on the opposite end of the scale you also need to make sure that they are not getting too much food. Like with most dogs when they are fed too much and eat more than they should, they get overweight. Unfortunately, the Golden Retrievers are susceptible to obesity, luckily there are brands that cater to the Retrievers specific needs. Some of these top brands include the Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Royal Canin and Merrick Grain-Free dry dog food each of these has been tailor-made to suit the Golden Retrievers nutrient needs, the table below will act as a guide to help you understand how much to feed your Golden Retriever, going by weight and how active they are during the day:





The Different Types of Golden Retrievers 


When looking at the different types of Golden Retriever, it's easy to get confused. When looking at these Golden Retrievers the only difference between them is on a physical level and not in their temperaments or health.

These physical differences have naturally emerged through breeding and the Retriever adapting to their environments. There are 3 'main types' of Golden Retrievers that will be covered, the Canadian Golden Retriever, the British Golden Retriever, and the American Golden Retriever.



1. Canadian Golden Retriever


The Canadian Golden Retriever looks slightly different from the other two in that their coats are slightly thinner and shorter and they are generally taller than the other two types of Golden Retriever. Some are measured up to 2-inches taller than their cousins. 


2. British Golden Retriever


The British Golden Retriever has similar long, silky, creamy coats and is the height as their American cousin. They don't have any difference in temperaments either, you're probably asking how are they different?

It's a slight variation but still noticeable enough to tell them apart, the British Golden Retrievers have a broader skull and more powerful chest. They will also have rounder and darker eyes, most likely to help them with the reflection of the sun off the snow in winter.


3. American Golden Retriever



The American Golden Retrievers are lankier and less muscular than their cousins, and their coats are slightly darker than the British Golden Retriever. Their eyes are another strong indication of the American Golden Retriever, they are slightly lighter than their British cousins and they are shaped differently, their eyes are triangular or slanted instead of the standard rounded shape. 





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