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Belgian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Belgian shepherds are a joyful addition to any family. A handsome and noble animal, they come in different variations, including the Belgian Malinois, which is commonly of a brown colour and with shorter hair. Otherwise, the more common variety have a longer striking black coat. Belgian Shepherds are a larger breed and require plenty of space at home. These working dogs are high-energy and extremely loyal and intelligent, which makes them a perfect choice for the active household.

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A highly intelligent and loyal breed

Originally bred as sheep dogs, Belgian shepherds are highly active and intelligent creatures. Used as assistance, police, military and rescue dogs, as well as sports and agility dogs, they are incredibly obedient and versatile. Because of their intelligence and alertness, Belgian shepherds are also easily trainable. Their breed heritage as a working dog necessitates frequent physical exercise as well as mental stimulation, and have plenty of energy to play. Belgian shepherds are sociable dogs with a temperament that matches family life extremely well. They are renowned for being very in tune with their owner’s moods, and they display a strong loyalty and strong relationship bonds. These characteristics make a Belgian shepherd the perfect companion for life. 

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