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Rhodesian Ridgeback Purebred Puppies - (Puppy Ad #60979)


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Rhodesian Ridgebacks are admired by many for their distinctive qualities and characteristics and will bond with you and your family for life!

Healthy male puppies available who are developing beautiful temperaments  as they are prepared to leave to forever homes.   They are extremely well socialised, vaccinated, microchipped, regularly wormed, tick/flea treated and health checked. 

As breeders of family companion dogs our Ridgies and puppies have provided: companionship, affection, comfort, protection and aided in assistance and emotional support for families, individuals, children and the elderly.

If you are ready to adopt a puppy, we welcome you to contact us via :phone or  email (and  provide your personal email address and mobile phone  when making an enquiry) so that we can provide you with further “Detailed Info About Us” in addition to “photos and video footage.”

Both mum and dad have been raised with loving care who together with their puppies are given much attention and nurturing as they are guided through to adapt a well organised family routine. Our adult family of Ridgebacks is extremely well socialized, fit, active, playful, affectionate, friendly natured with stable temperaments and pass these traits to their newborn puppies.

Our Ridgebacks live amongst family and well maintained, stress free, clean surroundings. They are provided with a nutritious, well balanced natural healthy diet which helps them to develop strength, resilience, strong bones and a healthy digestive system.

As we raise our puppies our main focus is a natural healthy diet and to ensure that they develop calm and placid temperaments. They are moved between a variety of play and living areas to enable them to explore, socialize and adapt to family life enjoying cuddles as they learn basic commands and toileting. They become extremely alert and learn to respond extremely well to our voices. 

These puppies are healthy, regularly wormed, tick, flea treated, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked as they are prepared for their forever homes.

They will leave us with a “Health Certificate”, Vet examinations as well as an “Information Booklet” in which several important topics are covered to assist you such as : care, diet, behaviour, routine etc. We regularly liaise with our Vet Team using and supporting “Integrative Vet Medicine” which is a combination of mainstream Vet Services with All Natural Vet Care. This has allowed us to focus purely on diet, temperament and family life.

One of our fundamental goals is to meet the needs of families as they choose the most suitable puppy to adopt. We welcome you to make a time suitable to meet our puppies together with their parents to better understand their gentle nature, personality and traits that each individual puppy will develop through its life.

A photo collage is prepared of the puppy most suitable for you and your family which includes several stages of infancy, development and growth in addition to frequent updates, photos and video footage that are forwarded to your mobile.

For interstate families, we organise travel through Jetpets/Moorholme which is an additional cost depending on city location. Puppies fly with Virgin or Quantas. We have an excellent relationship with staff who take great

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