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Labradoodle Puppies in Creme and Apricot - (Puppy Ad #59961)


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3 Jan-5:52
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BRIGIDGETOWN Western Australia
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RPBA 1946


Happy New Year!

If you're looking for an amazing, loyal companion, you are at the right place!

We have lovely puppies available for immediate pick up!

visit .obmlabradoodles.com.au
Labradoodles are like little people; they are highly intelligent and you will get total loyalty from them too!

We are a small, dedicated breeder who has helped may a dog lover find the perfect match of temperament and character to suit their new owner's lifestyle.

Our dogs and pups get totally loved whilst here and are played with and handled daily.  They are never confined, caged or roped and just live a free, happy life.  As such they are well rounded and will fit in with you very quickly, to become an integral part of your life.

Some of our pups are out there working as Therapy or Assistance dogs, providing support and love to those in need.  Whether it's children struggling with health or social issues; people suffering anxiety or PTSD, or the elderly who may be a bit lonely or in need of companionship; a labradoodle's temperament makes them perfect for these important roles.

Our pups are vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed etc. and come with a 12 month health guarantee providing peace of mind against genetic defects.  Some breeders focus on genetic testing however the two vets we have used for years believe it proves little, nor provides any guarantee against defects which is why we prefer to offer our 12 month guarantee.  Please also consider that one of the main advantages of cross breeds like Labradoodles, is the reduced risk of genetic problems.

We do not believe in early desexing of puppies because it can cause health issues later in life and a shorter life expectancy.  We  prefer the procedure is undertaken between the age of 6 - 12 months and as such, our pups come with a Subsidised Desexing Contract where new owners are paid a reimbursement towards the costs of desexing.

My girls are either second or third generation Labradoodles and the Dads are Std Poodles.  This give you, IMHO, the best mix and 95% of the time their coats will be the highly sort after fleece or wool coats, which are so desirable.

Please be assured you are buying a high end puppy!  

Post pick up and for further peace of mind, we also offer a two week return period.  On the off chance you feel the pup is not a good fit for you or your family, or if for whatever reason, you are not quite sure you want to keep the pup, just return it for a full refend.  No problem there!

Sadly, there are some out there who have been scamming, ripping off unsuspecting buyers, which of course is appalling and despicable.  With us, please know you are dealing with committed breeders and dog lovers.  We will always do the right thing by you; we are honest and ethical and we are registered with the Responsible Pet Breeders Association (#1946)

We are happy to get to know you a little and to develop good relationships with our potential new puppy owners.  Doing so, helps us understand what you are looking for in a puppy and to find you the best match.  It also helps us know that we are finding the best possible homes for our little cherubs.

Rest assured, you can expect solid support post sales too and we will always be there to help or offer support.


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Mang M
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